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Colloquia for the Department of Mathematics and Statistics are normally held in University Hall 4010 on Fridays at 4:00pm. Any departures from this are indicated below.

Light refreshments are served after the colloquia in 2040 University Hall.

Driving directions, parking information, and maps are available on the university website.

2016-2017 Colloquia

What follows is a list of speakers, talk titles and abstracts for the current academic year. Abstracts for the talks are also posted in the hallways around the departmental offices.

Fall Semester

October 7, 2016

Vani Cheruvu (University of Toledo)

Numerical methods, grids in atmospheric and oceanic sciences

High-order numerical methods offer the promise of accurately capturing many physical processes and have been shown to efficiently scale to large number of processors. There is a considerable effort in using high-order methods to solve partial differential equations that model physical phenomena in atmospheric and oceanic sciences. In this talk, I would present three different high-order methods and discuss their advantages and disadvantages. These methods are compared by applying to a PDE. Several issues are involved when these methods are applied to a PDE on a sphere for instance, suitability of a grid. I will conclude the talk with two suitable grids on a sphere.

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