Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Faculty research interests

Hewitt, Paul R.:
Group theory, especially the intrinsic and extrinsic structures, typically from geometry, topology and logic, that are reflected in the algebraic properties of the group.
Odenthal, Charles J.:
Representations of Noetherian and Artinian rings.
Tikaradze, Akaki:
Cuckovic, Zeljko:
Algebraic properties of Toeplitz operators and harmonic function theory, as specialized subfields of functional analysis and complex analysis.
Applied Mathematics
Ochs, Robert:
The applied mathematics of wave propagation.
Vayo, West:
Applications of differential equations to biology and medicine.
See also:
Biao Ou.
Differential Equations
Ou, Biao:
Partial differential equations in applied area and differential geometry.
See also:
Robert Ochs and West Vayo.
Differential Geometry
Thompson, Gerard:
Application of differential geometry, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics and symplectic geometry.
Tsui, Mao-Pei:
Geometric analysis; general relativity; image analysis.
See also:
Geoffrey Martin and Biao Ou.
Mathematical Physics
Martin, Geoffrey:
Symplectic geometry over determined systems of partial differential equations, geometric algebra in eight dimensions, triality, foundations of electromagnetism and relativity, geometric mathematical physics, Lie groups and indefinite symmetric domains, general geometric structure and partial differential relations.
White, Denis A.:
Schroedinger operators and their application to quantum mechanical scattering theory using functional analysis and partial differential equations.
See also:
Robert Ochs and West Vayo.
Liu, Rong:
Shao, Qin:
White, Donald:
Applications of statistics to various scientific areas, especially medicine and pharmacology. Specific statistical areas include nonlinear models and population modeling in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.
Zhang, Biao:
Density estimation and empirical likelihood.
Schwarz, Friedhelm:
Categorical topology and more especially, cartesian closedness, exponentiability and topological universes. Teaching with technology and more especially Calculus with MAPLE, World Wide Web, and Distance Learning.
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