Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Faculty research interests

The faculty in the department have wide research interests, but there are some groups that are particularly active. These are listed below along with links to their dedicated web pages.

Differential Equations and Nonlinear Analysis
Arsie, Alessandro:
Dynamical Systems, Control Theory, Mathematical Physics
Cheh, Jeongoo:
Mathematical physics, Lie symmetries, differential invariants
Ou, Biao:
Partial differential equations, applied analysis
Shan, Chunhua:
Differential equations and dynamical systems
Shemyakova, Ekaterina:
Algebra, Geometry, and Computational Mathematics
Complex Analysis and Operator Theory
Cuckovic, Zeljko:
Functional analysis, operator theory, complex analysis
Le, Trieu:
Functional analysis, operator theory
Sahutoglu, Sonmez:
Several complex variables, operator theory
Tikaradze, Akaki:
Algebra, representation theory
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