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For Undergraduates in Mathematics & Statistics

This page contains a number of useful links for those contemplating or already undertaking an undergraduate career in Mathematics or Statistics at the University of Toledo.

The right-hand column also contains a number of links relevant to the undergraduate experience in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics.

Placement & Advanced Placement

Math placement tests are required for all new students unless you have credit for math that appears on a college transcript. See the Math Placement and New Student Placement pages for details.

Advanced placement for some courses is also a possibility. See the Undergraduate program page for details.


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers baccalaureate degree programs for the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in mathematics with concentrations in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, actuarial science and computer science.

Take a look at the undergraduate program page to learn more.


There are a number of scholarships available (contingent on funding) for students majoring in Mathematics and Statistics. A brief description of scholarships is available in pdf format. Also available is a scholarship application form that can be printed out, completed, and then submitted to the departmental office.

And here are a few teaser problems for your entertainment.


Actuarial Science Advisor:
UH 4110 G
Mathematics Advisor:
UH 2030 J
Statistics Advisor:
UH 2030 H


And what can you do with a degree in mathematics or statistics?

Career Cast has offered the following rankings:

Mathematician, statistician, and actuary have each been in the top ten of Career Cast's rankings in every one of the above years.

For a quick introduction to some people who have careers that were made possible by having a degree in Mathematics and/or Statistics watch the We Use Math video.

Also take a look at the careers, etc. page.

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